Who we are

We are documentary filmmakers based in Brighton UK, making a positive impact through storytelling.

Our films explore social issues from around the world and we work with organisations across the development and humanitarian sectors.

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Featured project

Changemakers – UNICEF

Our latest film for UNICEF’s ‘Changemaker’ series features an entrepreneur that collects objects other people see as rubbish, creating them into inventions that inspire and delight.

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Ethical film makers

Since we began in 2001, the core of our philosophy has been an ethical approach to filmmaking and the desire to use documentary film as a tool for positive social change.

By combining the disciplines of anthropology and film, we are able to ensure we work in a way that is culturally sensitive and respectful of local the culture we are in. We often adopt participatory approaches to ensure our work is as objective and inclusive as possible.

We never work in a way that negatively impacts the people we work with, the environment we’re in, or the audiences who watch.

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Latest projects

Close-up face shot Film Makers Brighton

Not for trade

At 14, Aminata was brave enough to refuse her family's wish for her to marry, and with UNICEF's help, was given the opportunity to go back to school and pursue her dreams.

Upset woman following mudslide Reelmedia Film Makers


Mudslide360 will take you into the world of one woman, helped by UNICEF after she lost her home and family in the mudslide that swept through Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2017.