Storytelling for change

Reelmedia Film is a creative communications studio, based in Brighton, UK. We craft documentary films, multimedia and campaigns that have a positive impact.

We work exclusively in the Third Sector – from NGOs and charities to UN agencies such as UNICEF and UNDP. Our work adds value and visibility to programmes and projects, activates audiences and generates lasting impact.

Alongside our team in Brighton, we work with a network of creative talent from across the world. Every project is produced by a bespoke team of professionals whose skillsets are fully tailored towards the task in hand.

We believe that everything we do should contribute positively to society and the world around us. We are vigilant on issues of representation, seeking to represent individuals in a way that inspires empathy, rather than sympathy. We uphold Do No Harm principles in all productions, never compromising the integrity of a person, community or location for our own artistic or financial ends.

We are also committed to environmental standards at all stages of production and have various processes in place to ensure our work is sustainable.

We pride ourselves on our quality of service. We are dedicated to providing organisations with high-quality content and are committed to delivering the value and impact that we promise. Our clients work with us because they trust that we will always meet our obligations and commitments, whilst remaining amenable and adaptable to changes in their requirements.

Storytelling to inspire, inform and motivate action.

We began in 2001, with a passion for using documentary film as a tool for positive change.

Today, we continue to produce documentary films that inspire, inform and deliver lasting impact. We have grown over the years, fine-tuning our craft to create a wide range of film, multimedia and campaign content with clients. We produce short and longer-form documentary films, as well as advocacy, explainer and short character-led films. Our work often illustrates challenges and solutions to development issues, whilst ensuring individuals are framed as empowered, with the agency to bring about change.

Through our photography, we seek to tell stories about people, contexts and environments in order to progress understanding in a single frame. We produce compelling photo stories that document projects and programmes, capturing issues in a way that inspires hope and action. We aim to help audiences understand issues, people and communities they may otherwise be unfamiliar with.

Our visual storytelling expertise extends to crafting graphics, motion graphics and animations. Alongside producing short, narrative animations, we often incorporate multimedia elements into films. This can convey additional information or add a creative twist. We work with talented graphic designers, illustrators, animators and motion graphics gurus to create content in a variety of styles. This ranges from beautiful hand-drawn character animations to unique visual effects that illustrate complex ideas visually.

We design and implement behaviour-change campaigns that command attention and engineer action. In all our campaigns we implement the same commitment to immersive storytelling that underpins our filmmaking. We work with organisations to develop creative concepts and strategies that spark interest and change behaviour. We handle the entire campaign process from audience research, design, production, implementation, as well as Monitoring and Evaluation. Campaign outreach can be across broadcast, newspapers, signage and social media and employ distribution methods to ensure messaging reaches and influences the right people.


Multi award-winning productions with global impact

Producing films, multimedia and campaigns are only worthwhile if an audience changes their perception and takes action. Our social experiment film for UNICEF Somalia reached over 26 million people, bringing awareness to the plight of children in the country. Check out the film hereUntil the last drop, our documentary film for Oxfam has won multiple awards. The film is helping to further the conversation on Palestinians’ right to water in the West Bank, at a time when they need it most. You can read more about the film here.


views, The real price of water


views, Voices of youth



If you work in the Third Sector and are looking to create unique content, we'd love to talk.


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