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We craft documentary films, multimedia and campaigns for the Third Sector.

We craft documentary films, multimedia and campaigns for the Third Sector. We work with Third Sector organisations, both in the UK and globally and specialise in people-focused storytelling on social and environmental issues.

At the heart of our approach is the conviction that everything we produce should tell a story of change. We believe through change, we learn new information about the world and our place within it. In this way, audiences can be moved to take action.

Our communications work adds value and visibility to programmes and projects. Our stories activate audiences and generate lasting impact.

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We believe that everything we do should contribute positively to people and planet.

We only work with organisations in the Third Sector working towards positive change – from NGOs and charities to UN agencies. 

We are vigilant on issues of representation, seeking to represent individuals in a way that inspires empathy, rather than sympathy. We uphold Do No Harm principles at all stages and never compromise the integrity of a person or community for our own artistic or financial ends.

We are committed to environmental standards at all stages of production and offset our emissions by planting trees and supporting CO2 reduction initiatives.

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Storytelling to inspire, inform and motivate action.

We began in 2001, with a passion for using documentary film as a tool for positive change. Today, Reelmedia Film is communications studio with over 20 years experience working on International Development stories. We still specialise in documentary, but also draw on other formats, including social experiment videos for social media and commercials.

We have fine-tuned our craft over the years to create story-rich films with NGOs, charities and UN agencies across the world. We film with the very latest 8K cinema cameras and lenses and other equipment like drones, stabilisers and sliders.

Through our photography we seek to tell people-focused stories that engage audiences in an instant and progress understanding in a single frame.

We produce compelling photo stories and journalistic collections that document the projects and programmes of NGOs, charities and UN agencies. Our photography work is exclusively for the Third Sector but varied in its content and approach. 


Our communications work for the Third Sector includes graphic design, animations and motion graphics. We often add motion graphics into our films to convey information or add a creative twist, like our series soap-style dramas, Happy families grow together, with UNICEF Laos.

As well as motion graphics for film, we also produce beautiful, full length animations. These can be hand-drawn, like our animation for Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation or combine live-action filming, hand-drawn elements and motion graphics, such as our viral animation with UNICEF, The wonder of breastmilk.

We design and implement behaviour-change and awareness campaigns that command attention and engineer action. In all our campaigns we employ the same commitment to immersive storytelling that underpins our filmmaking. We work with organisations across the Third Sector both in the UK and around the world.

We develop creative concepts and strategies that spark interest, shift mindsets and change behaviour. In partnership with UNICEF Laos, we developed a unique national health campaign that comprised video, photography, billboards and posters. Our campaign with UNESCO is a multimedia rich, global effort to restore and protect the ocean. 

Multi award-winning films and campaigns with global impact.

Producing films, multimedia and campaigns are only worthwhile if an audience changes their perception and takes action. 

Our social experiment film for UNICEF Somalia, The real price of water, sprang an unusual experiment on members of the public. The film reached over 26 million people, bringing awareness to the plight of children walking up to 50km to walk for water in the country.

Until the last drop, our documentary film for Oxfam, has won numerous international awards. The film is helping to further the conversation on Palestinians’ right to water in the West Bank, at a time when they need it most. 


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A growing team of passionate filmmakers and creatives.