Change is in our hands

Social media video. Burkina Faso. Empowering communities.

Growing up in Burkina Faso can be tough. Many children and young people face difficult lives where they’re forced by circumstance to work in harsh conditions for little pay. This leaves no time for school and means many families are stuck in a cycle of poverty. With help from passionate individuals, along with assistance from Third Sector organisations like UNICEF, the tide is beginning to turn in Burkina Faso. 

We were tasked by UNICEF to create a video that acknowledged and celebrated the work of some of Burkina Faso’s most inspiring individuals. In particular, those  who are working with communities to enact positive change that will see benefits for future generations. 

What did we do?   Scriptwriting   •   Film production   •   Film editing

In Burkina Faso, over 20% of children under 5 do not have their births registered.


The film features three characters who are all working towards transformative change for children in Burkina Faso. This includes a teacher who works to re-engage young people who’ve fallen foul of the law. A tech entrepreneur who’s invented a data system that revolutionises birth registration, and a social worker who supports young women who are HIV positive.

The video is part of UNICEF’s multimedia communications campaign spotlighting ‘changemakers’ from around the Sahel region in Burkina Faso – the aim being to draw attention the progress that’s been achieved so far, and inspire others to contribute to building a positive future for the country.  


How every frame tells a story

Humans are visual creatures led by their vision. We’re all shaped by stories: we love telling them, we love reading them – and filmmaking is an incredibly powerful tool for sharing them. In film every single frame works to tell the overall story.

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