Greens for Nuclear Energy


The climate crisis. Nuclear energy.

‘Critical’ is a climate change film with a timely twist – instead of criticising everybody else, environmentalists examine their own credentials. It challenges a foundational principle for the green movement – being anti-nuclear – from within the movement itself. Offering a unique perspective on nuclear energy, Critical sets out the case for nuclear energy, with green activists from around England and Finland speaking up for it. We follow green party member Mark Yelland visiting various nuclear facilities and launching a unique campaign: Greens For Nuclear Energy.

Reelmedia were asked by Greens for Nuclear Energy to produce a documentary film on nuclear energy. We jumped at the chanced to explore this controversial subject with a client who felt passionately about doing everything in our power to fight the climate crisis.

What did we do?   Story development   •    Film production   •   Video editing •   Motion graphics •   Film poster

The 10 hottest years on record have all occurred since 2005


This film reasons that it was perfectly understandable that the early green movement campaigned (and still campaigns) to ban nuclear weapons, but that by association, this has became intertwined with opposing nuclear energy. But – so the film argues – ‘that was then, this is now’, and that nuclear’s ultra low carbon contribution is now essential to help avert a climate disaster.

Reelmedia mixed archive footage, with observational sequences, motion graphics and stock footage to create a compelling 45-minute documentary film. Read more about the organisation who commissioned the film here: