Cultural and social responsibility

In every project we undertake, we seek to uphold the Do Not Harm principles in order to prevent any negative short or long-term consequences occurring as a result of our work. This includes respecting all people, cultures and communities we work with and abiding by local laws and customs, as well as respecting the right to people’s autonomy. In all of our projects, everyone has the right to decline their participation.To ensure the safety of all that are involved in our projects, we carry out full risk-assessments prior to production and work closely with a local team to address any possible issues that could arise during filming.

We will never compromise a contributor’s dignity or intentions for our own artistic vision and strive to portray communities as accurately and authentically as possible. Reelmedia Film also adheres to stringent guidelines when working with vulnerable individuals, minors and in more challenging environments.

To ensure Do Not Harm principles are upheld at all times we will not collaborate with any individuals or companies that jeopardise these principles. We therefore only work with individuals and organisations that share our social and environmental responsibilities.

At the heart of our philosophy is an ethical approach to filmmaking

Environmental commitments

Reelmedia Film adheres to all environmental legislation acts in the UK, such as the 2015 waste regulation act that promotes responsible waste disposal for businesses. We take every measure to prevent waste and recycle and reuse where possible. This is particularly true of electrical and electronic equipment which are never just thrown away.

We offset our emissions by tree-planting an equivalent amount of trees ourselves and through Trees for Cities. This year we working with Trees for action to support tree-planting locally on private and school land. We also actively support the environmental pressure group Extinction Rebellion, both by taking on pro-bono work for the organisation as well as being a regular donator.