Leave no one behind

Advocacy film. Bottom billion. Ghana.

Across the world, close to a billion people live in extreme poverty, existing on less than $1.25 a day. This advocacy film was produced for the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) as part of a communications campaign intended as a wake-up call to policy makers, urging them to increase their efforts and ensure no one is left behind in the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The ‘bottom billion’ includes girls out of school, older people, disabled people, and other marginalised groups. These groups are classed as vulnerable, and therefore are the most at risk of being left behind in international development efforts. We worked with ODI over a week-long shoot in Ghana to produce this advocacy video featuring the lives of 4 marginalised groups of people. 

What did we do?   Scriptwriting   •   Film production   •   Film editing

Around the world, only 20% of older people have a pension.

– ODI.

Over the last couple of decades, there has been significant progress in reducing poverty, in terms of health, education, and living standards. Yet, many of the poorest and most marginalised groups have not benefited enough from the progress. The video was designed to target governments to ensure these groups would be better supported by future development efforts. 

The film was released online as part of a larger communications and advocacy campaign in the build-up to finalising the Sustainable Development Goals in 2016.  


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