From Cape Town to Amsterdam: what 15 years of ITPC means today.

“In spite of all the challenges that we continue to face, a world of better health is not a dream.”

Commissioned by The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC), Activism now tells the story of ITPC from its creation 15 years ago, as well as looking back at the history of HIV activism throughout the years. Activism now is a unique advocacy film, produced by Reelmedia Film, that seeks to inspire and reignite activism and innovation in the on-going fight against access to HIV treatment.

ITPC began in 2003 when a group of 125 treatment activists from 65 countries all gathered in Cape Town, South Africa to demand an increase in access to HIV treatment for the millions in need.  Since 2003, ITPC have overcome many of the challenges in access to HIV treatment, but the job is not complete and there is still much left to achieve as many communities across the world still lack access to optimal treatment.

In 2015, there were 2.1 million new HIV infections worldwide – a total of 36.7 million people living with HIV. Approximately 54% are in need of treatment and many do not know their HIV status. Stigma and human rights violations prevent people living with HIV from accessing quality healthcare. The treatment coverage gap is as high as 83% in the Middle East and North Africa, 79% in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, 59% in Asia and the Pacific and 72% in West and Central Africa.

Activism now celebrates the achievements of ITPC’s activists; individuals who are committed to advocating for global HIV treatment. We wanted to document the struggles and successes that the HIV activism movement has faced over the last 36 years and the work that ITPC has achieved since its inception.

In 2018, ITPC celebrated their 15-year anniversary of the International Treatment Preparedness Summit (ITPS). This anniversary demonstrates how far treatment activism has come, whilst simultaneously highlighting how much more work is still left to do in the HIV movement. Activism now hopes to inspire and re-ignite activism and innovation in the on-going fight in ensuring HIV treatment is available to all.