Peter Temple - a UNICEF 'Changemaker'


Tim Webster

1 x portrait video

One man is using technology for social good

Peter Temple scours the beaches of Freetown, Sierra Leone. He’s looking for scrap, but it won’t be be that for much longer.

This UNICEF changemaker remoulds waste materials into dynamic inventions.

In our portrait, he reveals how they’ll revitalise his community.


Often, the language of development becomes one of victimhood. In Sierra Leone, the population knows this all too well.

The country – where 60% of citizens live below the poverty threshold –  has borne the brunt of natural disaster and civil war. In its capital and beyond, innovators are working to reword a conversation that frames the nation as stagnant and powerless.

"They do more than dream of a bright future. They create it"

The story

From a bracelet that makes calls to heat-powered sneakers, Peter’s creations come from what others call rubbish, but their results couldn’t be further removed.

He’s one of hundreds of Changemakers across Africa, chosen by UNICEF for their commitment to creating wide-scale change in their countries. His ingenuity has invigorated his community and inspired its young people. It’s evident, for Peter, that this is only the start.

"When I go out, I see problems that I can apply my equations to"


Changemakers | Peter Temple was a project rooted in a wish to capture Peter’s creativity. Graphics added in post-production put a spotlight on the technical complexity of his work.