In Burkina Faso, parents send children down mines in the hope of finding gold.

Children as young as 11 work in the mines and quarries of Burkina Faso, risking their health and their lives for little money in punishing conditions.

International child labour standards list mining as one of the worst forms of labour, due to the high risk of injury, and even death, as well the long term consequences of being exposed to the dust and toxic chemicals of the mine. Children who work in the mines are unable to attend school as they are responsible for providing an income for their families.

UNICEF has helped over 25,000 children escape this harsh reality, by the creation of vocational training programmes, allowing them to learn the skills to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

This film is part of a collection of videos that Reelmedia has made with UNICEF in Burkina Faso, documenting their ongoing efforts to improve the lives and prospects of young people.