In 2017, a mudslide swept through Freetown, destroying homes and lives.

Mudslide 360 follows the journey of one family who lost their house and loved ones in the mudslide that swept through Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2017.

The mudslide occurred after three days of torrential rain which overwhelmed Freetown’s drainage system, creating waterways that churned down steep streets across the capital. The destruction killed over 1000 people and left an estimated 3,000 people homeless.

“The scale of the damage is unprecedented,” said UNICEF Representative Hamid El-Bashir Ibrahim. “Children have been left homeless, vulnerable and terrified. We must do all we can to protect them from disease and exploitation.”

UNICEF has been supporting the affected families from the initial destruction by providing food and water, as many water sources became contaminated. They have also provided long term aid for the affected families to assist with education costs for children and to help families to rebuild their lives.

Mudslide360 is an immersive audiovisual experience that takes the viewer alongside on the journey, from the night of the mudslide to the temporary camp for mudslide victims, and then finally to their new home.

360 video offers an exciting potential for telling the stories of development and humanitarian organisations, where viewers can be transported into hard-to-reach locations.

For the production of Mudslide360, a GoPro Omni was used alongside binaural audio recordings. Binaural microphones mimic the way humans hear sound by placing two microphones at the same distance apart as human ears. The result is highly realistic audio that, along with 360 video, creates a truly immersive experience.

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