Sierra Leone


5 minutes



In 2017 a mudslide swept through Freetown, destroying homes and lives.

Mudslide 360 follows the journey of one family who lost their house and loved ones in the mudslide that swept through Freetown, Sierra Leone in 2017. UNICEF has been supporting affected families by re-housing them and assisting with education costs for children, helping families to rebuild their lives.

The film is an immersive audio and visual experience that takes the viewer alongside on the journey, from the night of the mudslide to the temporary camp for mudslide victims, and then finally to their new home.

360 video is an exciting form of immersive storytelling for development and humanitarian organisations since it creates a strong sense of empathy and can transport the viewer into hard-to-reach locations. In Mudslide 360 we combined 360 video with binaural audio recording. Binaural microphones mimic the way humans hear sound by placing two microphones at the same distance apart as human ears.

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