Over 26 million views worldwide.

In partnership with UNICEF, ‘The Real Price of Water’ aims to increase awareness of the distances children have to walk to find water in Somalia.

Today, Somalia is one of four identified by the United Nations as at high risk of extreme hunger and famine due to the drought – along with South Sudan, Yemen and Nigeria. It is expected that the number of people in need of clean water, sanitation and hygiene will increase from 3,3 million to 4,5 million – nearly one third of Somalia’s population.

With many water sources drying up or being contaminated, it has become common for children in the drought-hit nation to walk long distances (up to 50 km) to find water.

Lack of sanitation and services, as well as poor hygiene, are significant contributors to the high rates of disease in Somalia. Endemic in Somalia, waterborne cholera and other diseases are now spreading faster and further than anyone has seen for many years.

As of July 2017, untreated drinking water has caused over 71,000 cases of cholera or severe diarrhoea in 2017, resulting in nearly 1,100 deaths. Cholera can kill a severely malnourished and dehydrated child in a matter of hours.

The film has received over 23 million views worldwide, raising funds from humanitarian and development organisations as well as widespread awareness.

You can read UNICEF’s blog on filming the social experiment here.

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