Rights of the child: Afa.

Here in Kulhudhuffushi, a small island in the Maldives, urbanisation is occurring at the expense of the environment. The island’s large and diverse wetland has been threatened by the action undertaken by corporate development, compromising the health of the islanders. With the loss of clean drinking water, the rise of air pollution and the development’s contribution to climate change, the safety of the children on the island is in jeopardy.

Since witnessing these changes, 21-year-old environmental activist, Afa, has been inspiring others to take action against the rise of urban development. Her NGO, BeLeaf, which is run for and exclusively by the youth, champions positive environmental change by conducting coastal clean-ups and by regularly giving talks in schools around the Maldives to engage the next generation in the importance of acting against climate change. 

For this film, Reelmedia worked alongside UNICEF Maldives to highlight Afa’s inspirational work which has, and is continuing to safeguard the environment for all children in the future.

You can delve deeper into the production of our film here.