Until the last drop


Tim Webster

1 x 20 minute documentary

Israel wants his land. How long can one farmer resist?

Until the last drop is an observational documentary shot from the perspectives of two farmers – one Israeli and one Palestinian.

The film contrasts their very different realities in accessing water. A drop is the difference between the chance to thrive or simply survive.


The Jordan Valley is the deepest valley in the world, with land so rich and fertile that it has the potential to become the Palestinian breadbasket.

Access to water is a key source of conflict and tension – many Palestinians do not have reliable access to water. Instead they wait for hours to fill trucks up from the leaking pipes of Israeli water tanks.

In stark contrast, Israeli settlements are connected to Israel’s national water network, provided by Mekorot. Often settlements use millions of litres of water per day which feed vast acres of crops.

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The story

Two farmers living and working opposite each other in the Jordan Valley tend to the same stretch of land, but their experiences could not be more disparate. This observational documentary film follows both men over the course of 10 days

As the audience follows their lives, the stark reality of their contrasting existences becomes apparent, leaving us with a new understanding of the crippling and persistent hardships that the Palestinian community face.

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Until the last drop will be released at the end of November 2019.