Children from Burkina Faso meet their heroes.

This UNICEF project features children from Burkina Faso meeting their heroes, whom they interview in order to better understand the situation of children in the country and to realise their dreams.  The four children, Tarek, Oceane, Alyah and Mahina, meet Dr. Anne Vincent (UNICEF representative), Ibrahim Zongo (a horse-dancer), Hawa Boussim and Alif Naaba (singers).

The films make up UNICEF Burkina Faso’s ‘Wakat Taam’ campaign, which seeks to inspire Burkinabe children to pursue their passions and aspirations in life. The children featured were matched with the celebrities based upon their dreams, for example, Alyah, who aspired to be a singer, was matched with Hawa Boussim, a popular Burkinabe artist.

The videos are aimed at children in Burkina Faso, to empower them in understanding their rights and in encouraging them in the development of their country.

The 12 films were shot over the course of 2 weeks in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou.