Cinematic filmmaking

We create short viral videos for social media and longer-form documentaries designed for theatrical distribution. Our 2-minute social experiment film for UNICEF Somalia, The real price of water, gained over 26 million views on Facebook alone and won two gold awards in the Lovies2018, in both the audience and judges categories. Our recent 20-minute documentary film for Oxfam in Occupied Palestinian Territories, Until the last drop, is being distributed by Together Films for theatrical release in 2020.

We use the latest cinematic equipment, from 6K cinema camera to gimbals, sliders, cinema lenses and drones. We draw on the skills of directors, producers, cinematographers and sound recordists from both our in-house team of staff and trusted colleagues from around the world. Reelmedia Film works around the world but especially has experience working in Africa and Asia. When appropriate, we implement participatory approaches to filming and adhere to Do No Harm principles.

"To change the world, tell a story of transformation that tells us who we are."

George Monbiot

Compelling multimedia

We are experts in multimedia production and are always on the lookout for fresh and creative ways to deliver projects. Our talented team members are skilled in photography, graphic design, motion graphics, animation, web design and desktop publishing. Motion graphics are often added into our film projects to create stylistic flares or communicate information in a different way.

Our recent campaign for UNICEF Laos, featured a rich multimedia mix, from film and motion graphics, to photography and print design – including 5000 posters in every health centres across Laos.

We have also produced beautiful, hand-drawn animations for organisations such as Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation and infographics for Livestock Emergency Guidelines Standards.

Photography is approached with the same conviction to immersive storytelling that underpins our filmmaking and believe that each shot can tell a story of change. We are experts in photography for the international development and can produce beautiful photo stories as well as thought-provoking journalistic collections. Our recent photo-journalistic work for Changing Markets uncovered the fishmeal trade in The Gambia which you can see here.

"By telling stories, we celebrate something held in common.."


Behaviour-change campaigns

Over the years, we have worked with a diverse range of development organisations to produce award-winning multimedia behaviour-change campaigns and high-quality communication outputs, receiving millions of views worldwide.

We have direct experience of integrating Monitoring and Evaluation, using a Theory of Change model. We cover the entire spectrum of design and implementation, including pre-testing, brand development, pre-testing, asset production, post-production, campaign strategy, media buying and campaign implementation. We can also implement campaigns on multimedia platforms such as broadcast, social media, billboards, mobile messaging, radio, celebrity engagement and campaign launch events.

Our dedicated campaign team has skills in cinematography, graphic design (digital and print), web design, branding, communications (including mobile) and outreach. We have worked on multimedia campaigns and implemented social media marketing plans with budgets of $500,000.