The ocean is open – GenOcean goes live.

Restoring and protecting the ocean starts now! GenOcean - our global campaign for the ocean with UNESCO is now live.

The story

It was from the ocean that life began on Earth. The ocean has allowed humans to explore, expand and thrive. The ocean controls our weather, provides food and sustains ecosystems.

For all of us, whether we live inland or by the sea, the ocean is of huge importance.

We now must accept that we have not been responsible custodians of our most precious resource. We all have a responsibility to act and must do so over the course of this decade 2021-2030. Whoever you are, wherever you live and whatever you do, you can join the GenOcean movement.


In 2017, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) (‘the Ocean Decade’) to stimulate ocean science and knowledge generation and thus reverse declines in the state of the ocean system while catalysing new opportunities for sustainable ocean use. 

When it comes to generating mass engagement in protecting and sustainably managing the ocean through science-driven solutions, however The Ocean Decade (2021-2030) remains a highly technical UN initiative which does not offer an easy entry point. 

GenOcean presents the opportunity for people to understand and appreciate the ocean as a key part of the solution to the planet’s sustainability and climate crises. 

This campaign aims to inform a ‘general public’ in ocean knowledge and science and encourage them to take action. GenOcean will communicate the Ocean Decade context in order to inform the audience of the importance of the ocean and the challenges facing it, as well as the need for knowledge and science in helping us to take action to restore and protect the ocean.

The GenOcean mission

GenOcean will drive people to take simple actions in their daily lives towards restoring and protecting the ocean. 

The campaign will grow awareness in the general public around ocean issues, communicated through people-led storytelling. It will also build knowledge and understanding in the general public of ocean issues through ocean science. 

At the core of GenOcean is familiarity and accessibility. But within us lies interest, possibility, ingenuity, and determination. How we say things and the words we use to say them always resonates.

Our language is direct and bold, but not brash. We are simple, clear and familiar. We create urgency without creating catastrophe. We are not afraid to use humour, to be casual, to be conversational and authentic. 

GenOcean is unique

It’s not them and us – we are all in this together.

Connecting with the audience, gaining their trust, and allowing them to seamlessly collaborate is essential. But to connect, we have to be on the same wavelength. 

The launch

The GenOcean campaign is the official communications campaign of the UN Ocean Decade 2021-2030. GenOcean began its roll-out on social media on 1 February. 

The soft launch culminated with an official announcement during the One Ocean Summit (Brest 9-11 February). 

A full-scale launch will take place on 4 April, rolling out the campaign’s interactive website and first series of feature stories and ocean actions.



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