Malnutrition campaign with UNICEF Laos.

Work has begun with UNICEF Lao PDR on a country-wide campaign to promote healthy nutritional practices, particularly in rural communities. According to a recent World Health Organisation survey, 27% of children in Laos were recorded as underweight, with only 40% of children receiving exclusive breastfeeding throughout their first six months despite official recommendations.[1]

We’re working with UNICEF nutritional experts, communications staff, as well as government departments and local partners to design and produce a wide-reaching multimedia campaign that aims to change these statistics. We hope to engage families by producing innovative content across media platforms, including broadcast television, radio printed press and social media. The campaign aims to be accessible across rural and urban audiences.

"The 1000 days from pregnancy to infancy are crucial for a baby's cognitive and motor development."

- Uma Palappian, UNICEF Laos.

The campaign project builds on our experience producing multimedia content for UNICEF offices across Africa and Asia – for example, Togo, Burkina Faso, Maldives and Bhutan. It is an exciting opportunity to utilise the wide skill-set of our in-house team, to push our creativity and make a real difference to malnutrition statistics in Laos.

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[1]‘Nutrition’ World Health Organisation Lao PDR, 2019 ,