Reelmedia Film is a creative film and multimedia production studio that places people at the centre of stories, to inspire change and motivate audiences to action.

We work with organisations across the development and humanitarian sectors and our films explore issues and tell stories from around the world.

At the heart of our philosophy is an ethical approach to filmmaking. We adhere to Do Not Harm principles and we always work in a way that is culturally sensitive.

Where possible we adopt participatory approaches to ensure our work is as objective and inclusive as possible.

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By telling stories, we work together to create, share, affirm and celebrate something that is held in common.


What we do

Our passion to create compelling films and multimedia that affect change and communicate the initiatives, campaigns and programming of development and humanitarian organisations, has taken us around the world, often in challenging contexts. 

You will find us to be proactive, knowledgeable and tenacious, with excellent experience and skills not only in content acquisition, but in production logistics, problem-solving and understanding cultural sensitivities.

We are a highly experienced team with over 15 years experience working for global organisations, in the development and humanitarian sectors, successfully delivering high-quality content for a wide spectrum of audiences across the world and in multiple languages.

This includes, documentary films, advocacy videos, character-led films, 360 videos, as well as photography, interactive multimedia and motion graphics.

Where we work

Where we work

Our clients

Our clients

Our clients